5/16/2019 Grass Farming

On the Farm

Growing grass is our main job for the cattle and meat birds. I went to a grass conference during the winter that covered planting practices, weed control, and pesticides. The first two topics were interesting and had many take-aways, however we have no interest in chemical pesticides. Chicken manure and cow manure are our natural fertilizers and we use strategic mowing to keep the weed pressure to a minimum. Planting grass seed at the appropriate time is key in getting more grass to grow and to reducing weed pressure. Reseed your pasture (or lawn) from August 15 to September 25th for the best results. The NC State specialists also covered soil prep, pests, and specific types of seed. All in all it was a great seminar and our pasture will be better next year when we apply their researched strategies.

Right now the rain has spurred great growth and the cattle are happily munching away. They will move to a new pasture tomorrow that has had a chance to rest and grow and they will be delighted all over again. The meat chickens on the pasture are enjoying their grasses. After we remove the feeders and waterers from their chicken tractors we pull them onto fresh grass. You can hear their beaks munching away on the grass until we put the feed back in and then they have a feed snack.

At the Market

We will have Tri-Tip steaks this week. and we will be restocked on burger patties next week for Memorial Day. We will also have plenty of hot dogs, steaks and chicken along with us.

Good to Know
The laying hens have been snacking on honeysuckle blossoms that grows along the fence by their coops. I was making some creamy scrambled eggs for lunch today (on medium low heat, stir constantly a la Gordon Ramsay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUP7U5vTMM0 ) when lo and behold as they thickened, the sweetest smell of honeysuckle rose from the frying pan. It didn’t change the taste of the finished product, however the scent was heavenly while they were cooking. Thank you ladies.

Have a marvelous weekend and we hope to see you on Saturday.

Gil and Amy Foster