6/20/2019 Surprises!

On the Farm

Thursday morning I thought  -  what should I write about in the newsletter today?  I went to the barn, fed the cats and gave them a scratch, checked on the field birds after the overnight rains, and then went to check on the ladies and the blackberry bushes.  The ladies were fine and scouting for bugs and the blackberry bushes are nearly ready with ripening fruit.  As I turned around to leave the blackberries, I nearly stepped on a chicken.  She was bedded down under some weeds and was trying very hard not to be seen.  She did not flinch when I talked to her and I leaned down to rub her back.  She puffed up and make a guttural sound - one made by a broody hen.  I lifted her slightly, got pecked, and saw 10-12 eggs.  Her stillness, and my lack of eggs, were concurrently explained.  It's been a long time since we had one of the girls hatch a clutch of eggs.  I wished her luck and will see her again on Saturday when I check on the blackberries again.  

Thursday afternoon brought a fast and furious storm.  Near Cluckingham Palace we had a tree that had been hit by lightening in February and split apart leaving 50% of it standing and the other 50% slanting to the ground.  The winds were just enough to blow down the rest of the tree where it split and luckily it landed behind the chicken coop.  Jerry was just getting back from work and grabbed the chainsaw and made quick work of the tree branches and fallen trunk.  The fence it landed on will have to be repaired in the next week.  

Never a dull moment.

At the Market
Stop by this weekend to pick up meats for the grill or for indoor cooking.  Grab one of our tried and true recipes.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Gil and Amy Foster