5/23/2019 Breakout Week

On the Farm

Remember chasing toddlers (or maybe you are in the throes of that now)?  The chicks in the brooder are getting bigger and will go out to pasture when the adult birds vacate the pasture pens next week.  In the meantime, they think it is fun to break out and run amok around the barn.  Mr. Kitty is back from HATS (an organization in Lincoln county that will spay/neuter feral animals for free - Helping Animals to Survive) and helped me herd them back into their enclosure.  Multiple times.  Ugh.  I think the added reinforcements will hold.  Tomorrow morning will tell.

Not only the chicks have spring fever, but the cattle too.  Sam fed the cattle on Tuesday and I always ask, "How many did you count?" 
"17." He tells me.
"What!  We have 19.  Go count again, please." 
Well, eventually I'm in Pasture 3 counting too and there are 18.  I put my hands on my hips, we haven't had a breakout in over five years -  I was just thinking of that the other day (foreshadowing?) did one get out?
As I ponder to myself I look up the hill and see my bull, on the other side of the fence at the top corner of the pasture.  Busted.  We hop in the RTV, drive to the gate, cut the chain with the bolt cutters (that just happen to be in the back of the RTV) and call to him.  This is neighboring property and it is a thicket full of wild black raspberries with thorns.  He is not going with plan A.  We head over to his corner with a bucket of food and see the damaged fence and snapped wood post that set him on his adventure.  A little shake of the bucket and the proper "come and get it" mealtime call and he jumps back into the safety zone and runs to be with his herd.  Pasture 4:  Closed for Repairs.  Whew.   

At the Market

We will be at Davidson and the Charlotte Regional Market with plenty of goods for the grill for the holiday weekend. 

Good to Know

To celebrate Memorial Day we will offer 10% off Ribeyes and NY Strips.  

Warm regards,
Gil and Amy Foster