6/7/2019 On the Road Again

On the Farm
Well, I fell asleep with my computer in my lap last night so the newsletter was postponed to this morning.  Jerry called me as he departed for his high school graduation practice this morning to let me know we had a large speed bump on the road (a bull).  I rolled my eyes and presumed it was probably the same one that snuck out yesterday.  I hopped in the car and drove up to my friend, gave him a head scratch, positioned the gate to let him back in, gave him a shoo, and then moved the rest of the cattle to the new pasture with him.  He was still within our outer perimeter fence so he was not running amok, yet I cannot find where he is sneaking out.  If just one bull gets out it usually means he's a bit tolerant of the electric fence and just pushes through.  If they are all out, then the fence is broken somewhere.  We'll redouble our efforts to find his spot and keep them in a different pasture until then.

We also had another traveler cross our path - the first egg-eating snake of the summer.  Gil was collecting eggs and noticed a dark spot.  Taking off his sunglasses revealed a black snake with an egg in its mouth.  Jerry is our head snake guy and relocated the snake.  Even though it surrendered the egg when he lifted it out of the box, we tossed that egg.  Not something I would want to eat.    The snake would not comply and show his face for the picture, yet you can see his big, round head.  


At the market

We brought home another batch of chicken on Tuesday. 
Chicken backs are 50% off this week to celebrate. 

If you would like to place a pre-order to pick up at Davidson or Charlotte you can respond to this email or use the "Shop Now" button to place your order on-line.  

Good to Know.

We have lots of large whole chickens that are good for feeding a group or for making several meals during the week.  When you purchase a chicken that weighs over five pounds any poundage over five pounds is free!  So if the bird weighs 5.42#, you just pay for the first 5#.  Pick up a copy of our "50 Ways to Love Shredded Chicken" and you are on your way to delicious meals.

Best regards,
Gil and Amy Foster