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On the Farm.

When people ask what we feed our cattle I launch into my spiel:  Our cattle are on the pasture full time with access to grasses and hay.  We don't use chemicals of any kind on our pastures.  We feed them two pounds of grain per animal, per day and we do this for three reasons:  One, it gives us a chance to check their health everyday (eyes, ears, nose, hooves, flies, etc.), Two, it allows me to sneak things into their food, like diatomaceous earth which is a natural fly and parasite control, and Three, they come every time I call because it might be snack time.  

At the front of the pack are usually numbers 7 and 11 - I call them the Slushie Brothers.  They go everywhere together, side by side.  The current head bull is off to the right and got his head scratched first and then the Slushie Brothers got a scratch.  I obey the pecking order and acknowledge the head guy first.  I strolled through the pasture and out the gate and the group followed me hoping it was time to rotate to the next pasture.  Tomorrow they move.  Gil is making some repairs to the waterer in that pasture so we need to set that back up before they can go graze that pasture.  We didn't get much rain Thursday evening - we could use some.  

At the Markets.

We have a new product - meatloaf!  Our processor makes a one pound meatloaf with our beef and no artificial ingredients.  We tried it out earlier in the week and liked it.  It was a nice jump start to an easy dinner.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

Davidson Wednesday market.  Davidson is hosting a Wednesday market from 4:30 - 7pm.  We started last Wednesday and had a great time (despite the heat).  Summit's open mic night starts at 6:30 so we have built in entertainment and several families were picnicking in the shade. The parking is definitely better that Saturday - give it a try.  We bring a limited menu of items so shoot me a text or email to make sure I'm bringing what you like - 704-308-1431, amyjofoster@yahoo.com

Have a great weekend,

Gil and Amy Foster

Davidson Farmer’s Market https://www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org/

Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market https://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/charlotte/

If you would like to pre-order for one of the markets, you can reply to this email or use the Shop Now button to got to our web site's shopping cart.  Thanks!

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