7/26/2019 Mowing professionals.

On the Farm.

It was going to be a a win-win for the cattle and me.  An overgrown garden area was past due for some attention and was full of tall grasses and weeds.  I had let it go too long and it was going to be difficult to cut it down.  Meanwhile the heat wave is drying up the pasture and the grasses (and weeds) are not bouncing back after grazing due to lack of rain and too much heat.  It's a perfect marriage!  A few strategically placed panels to keep the guys from wandering too far and they went to work.  There are eight bulls in the picture - can you spot them?  

The cattle were also allowed to wander around the chicken pens and the ladies were a little perturbed.  Several times I could see a chicken turn around and jump, startled that there was a cow standing there.  They are used to separation and being around the cattle at their choice.  They enjoyed the protection of the cattle as those pesky raptors have been circling this week.  A 1,000 pound bovine is proving to be a good deterrent.  

The picture at the right is the garden area 24 hours later.  Now it's been three days and their job is done.  They will be rotating to a new pasture that had a few more days to rest.  Fingers crossed for some more rain.  We only had 1/2 inch from the rains earlier this week.  

At the Markets.

We have a new product - meatloaf!  Our processor makes a one pound meatloaf with our beef and no artificial ingredients.  We tried it out last week and liked it.  It was a nice jump start to an easy dinner.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

Davidson Wednesday market.  Davidson is hosting a Wednesday market from 4:30 - 7pm.  We started the first Wednesday in July and had a great time (despite the heat).  Summit's open mic night starts at 6:30 so we have built in entertainment and several families were picnicking in the shade. The parking is definitely better than Saturday - give it a try.  We bring a limited menu of items so shoot me a text or email to make sure I'm bringing what you like - 704-308-1431, amyjofoster@yahoo.com

Stay cool and hydrated,

Gil and Amy Foster

Davidson Farmer’s Market https://www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org/

Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market https://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/charlotte/

If you would like to pre-order for one of the markets, you can reply to this email or use the Shop Now button to got to our web site's shopping cart.  Thanks!

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