8/22/2019 King of the Hill

On the Farm.

The chicks are growing and getting more feathers.  I hope to put them out on the pasture on Sunday or Monday - depending on the threat of thunderstorms.  We have watched several pass us by to the north and south.  Hopefully our turn will come soon.  I've got my fingers crossed for Sunday so I will have some extra hands around to help.  

The chicks get fresh shavings every day and they come compacted in a bag sized about 2x2x3.  We separate them out and spread a layer around the brooder area.  I got out more than I needed one day and left them compact for the next day.  The chicks had so much fun with them - king of the hill, pecking at them, I just need to add a zipline and they will be soooooo happy.  It's like kids playing with the box on Christmas morning instead of the toy. 

Mr. Kitty is doing so much better and is fully recovered.  He is staying around the house instead of returning to the barn and we like having him around.  We set up a cat condo for him outside with his food, water and a cozy blanket (just in case it ever gets cold again).  He's great company for morning coffee out on the deck.  He is doing his best to catch grasshoppers and loves climbing trees.   

At the Markets.

Think ahead to Labor Day.  We will have a special package available - hamburger patties (4), hot dogs (8), and drumsticks (4) - $30 for 16 servings.  

We have another new product - beef broth
!  Our processor makes it for us and it's just beef bones and water.  Add your own salt and spices or just start cooking with it.  It's too hot to make broth right now so we thought you'd like it.  It comes in one quart containers.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

Davidson is hosting a Wednesday market from 5 - 7:30pm.  Summit's open mic night starts at 6:30 so we have built in entertainment. The parking is definitely better than Saturday - give it a try.  We bring a limited menu of items so shoot me a text or email to make sure I'm bringing what you like - 704-308-1431, amyjofoster@yahoo.com

See you Saturday,

Gil and Amy Foster

Davidson Farmer’s Market https://www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org/

Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market https://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/charlotte/

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