8/29/2019 The Praying Mantis

On the Farm.

We put the chicks out on Sunday - a beautiful day.  The praying mantis joined in outside one of the chicken pens - the mantis eat insects and now that the chicks are entering the pasture his (or her) buffet of bugs will be reduced.  

We were pretty efficient getting the chicks out on to the pasture.  Jerry was on feed and water duty, I loaded the chicks from the barn, and Gil was on transport and move in duty.  They moved out on day 17 and I like it when we can get them out on time.  Plus, they are still "hand sized" for me and I can pick one up in each hand to put them into the transport crate.  A few more days and my hands are not big enough to wrap around them and I need two hands for each chick.  With 500+ chicks to move out it is the difference between bending over 250 times vs. 500 times.  

Josie, our barn cat, is happy to see the chicks leave.  Their chirping annoys her and distracts her from her mouse watching duties.  Now it's time to shovel out the shavings into the compost pile and clean up the brooding equipment for next season.      

At the Markets.

It's already Labor Day Weekend.  We will have a special package available - hamburger patties (4), hot dogs (8), and drumsticks (4) - $30 for 16 servings.  

We have another new product - beef broth
!  Our processor makes it for us and it's just beef bones and water.  Add your own salt and spices or just start cooking with it.  It's too hot to make broth right now so we thought you'd like it.  It comes in one quart containers.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

Davidson is hosting a Wednesday market from 5 - 7:30pm.  Summit's open mic night starts at 6:30 so we have built in entertainment. The parking is definitely better than Saturday - give it a try.  We bring a limited menu of items so shoot me a text or email to make sure I'm bringing what you like - 704-308-1431, amyjofoster@yahoo.com

Have a great grilling weekend,

Gil and Amy Foster

Davidson Farmer’s Market https://www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org/

Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market https://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/charlotte/

If you would like to pre-order for one of the markets, you can reply to this email or use the Shop Now button to got to our web site's shopping cart.  Thanks!

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