9/13/2019 The New Girls.

On the Farm.

Sam picked up 30 new young ladies (pullets) while we were at market last Saturday.  They are getting acclimated and two have already started laying eggs!  The girls are about 18 weeks old when we get them and typically they do not lay eggs until they are about 24 weeks old.  We have some overachievers.  Crates of pullet eggs will appear in the net few weeks. 

I've fallen into a rhythm of buying started pullets in the fall and raising our own layer chicks in the spring to keep the flock size consistent and fresh.  The weather has been harsh this summer and it's a different routine for little chicks as opposed to the meat birds, and frankly, we want to minimize our time outside when the weather is so extreme.  In the spring it is much easier to incorporate the layer chicks in with the meat birds and raise them together for while. 

The girls were a bit shy about having their picture taken and are quite jumpy when anything passes by as evidenced by the lost feathers in the foreground.  The birds are growing new feathers to replace their smaller ones and shed them when they flap their wings or jump around.  The older ladies and roosters have been to visit the new residents and caused a few feathers to fly - just wait until they meet the cattle.  

At the Markets.

SIRLOIN STEAK is 10% off this Saturday.  It's one of our favorites and grills up so tasty.  This recipe from thekitchn.com is intriguing.  I may try it on a rainy day (if that ever happens again).  https://www.thekitchn.com/garlic-butter-steak-bites-22947830

We have another new product - beef broth!  Our processor makes it for us and it's just beef bones and water.  Add your own salt and spices or just start cooking with it.  It's too hot to make broth right now so we thought you'd like it.  It comes in one quart containers.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

I dropped off two beeves on Monday.  If you need a special cut please let me know by this Sunday, 9/15.

Thank you for coming to the farmer's market,

Gil and Amy Foster

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