4/18/2019 Two New Arrivals.

First spotted on 3/25, this little kitten was eating our barn cat's food and fled upstairs into the barn loft. I couldn't find it and figured it was another feral cat coming through. On Tuesday, Jerry caught it out by the hay bales and now Mr. Kitty is a resident. Josie, our barn cat, is still on the fence about him, however we are enamored. He definitely needs some TLC - he arrived emaciated, wormy, and with fleas. All three problems are being resolved. He purrs like a champ and follows me around in the barn and outside. We thought about various names, but we will end up calling him Kitty, or Mr. Kitty, so that will suffice for now.

Our other new arrival is our second batch of chicks. They surprised me by arriving a day earlier than expected. Some quick set up and they were out of their boxes and pecking about their brooder. It was cold Wednesday morning and they chirped like crazy until the brooder warmed up. Soon they were toasty warm and they are already starting to get bigger. I put some pictures and a video of them on Instagram. They ran around the brooder like it was a racetrack - however they were turning to the right. Chicks must not know about NASCAR.

Barn2Door Admin