8/8/2019 Chick, Chick, Hooray!

On the Farm.

The baby chicks are back.  After the post office didn't call Thursday morning at 6:00 or 6:30 I figured the chicks may be on the noon truck or even be delayed until Friday, but at 7:38am the phone rang.  I could hear the peeping in the background.  Upon arrival at the post office I backed up the van and saw them in their boxes outside the back door.  The folks at our post office receive chicks often and know that the air conditioning inside the building is too cool for them.  Lisa rolled the cart to my car and we loaded them in the van.  Nine boxes.  In warmer weather the hatchery does not put as many in a box as they do in February (they put the same number of chicks in six boxes). 

Outdoor temperatures cause the hatchery to adapt - and me.  In cooler weather we will put insulation boards on top of the heated brooder boxes to keep the heat in and seal them up tight.  Tonight, when I tucked them in and read them "The Little Red Hen" I left the lights on in the brooder boxes and put the fan on Low - no extra insulation in this weather.  They have food and water under the lights of the brooder box (90 degrees +/-) or they can eat and drink outside the boxes in 75-80 degree heat.  A win-win for the chicks.  

The chick in the picture was the last dude to find the opening in the perimeter.  After I settled them in this morning I went back to the house to do some work and returned in one hour - my usual MO.  Twenty chicks were pecking about in front of the barn with the cat looking on.  As a hawk circled overhead I flipped up my shirt and started picking up chicks to carry them back inside.  Two trips later everyone was back in place and I set about to finding the breach.  I found the problem when this little guy tipped me off.  The hole is now a window with clear packing tape on both sides.  The hole was most likely nibbled by mice when the 2' insulation perimeter wall was stored between batches.    

The cattle are waiting for cooler temperatures to come.  They graze in the morning and evening and hide in the woods during the day.  They munch on their hay bale and nap.  No drama.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  

At the Markets.

We have another new product - beef broth!  Our processor makes it for us and it's just beef bones and water.  Add your own salt and spices or just start cooking with it.  It's too hot to make broth right now so we thought you'd like it.  It comes in one quart containers.  Stop by and check it out. 

Good to Know.

Davidson Wednesday market.  Davidson is hosting a Wednesday market from 5 - 7:30pm.  We started the first Wednesday in July and had a great time (despite the heat).  Summit's open mic night starts at 6:30 so we have built in entertainment and several families were picnicking in the shade. The parking is definitely better than Saturday - give it a try.  We bring a limited menu of items so shoot me a text or email to make sure I'm bringing what you like - 704-308-1431, amyjofoster@yahoo.com

Thank you for coming out in the heat.  Again,

Gil and Amy Foster

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