Come Home to Roost with Automatic Doors!

We have new technology for the laying hens - automatic doors! For several years I have been looking for an automatic door to meet our needs. I wanted one that was battery operated, light sensitive (yet also have adjustable open and close times in case we need to adjust for predators), and be durable. There are several varieties out in the marketplace, but none met all of my specifications until now.

We have two coops so I ordered one as a proof of concept. Jerry installed it for me and it only took the girls a couple of days to catch on and use it full time to go in and out. The second door arrived and was installed yesterday and success - all of the girls and Harvey are tucked in for the night. The door closes at dusk and then briefly opens again ten minutes later to let in any stragglers.

Retraining also has to occur for me! I need to remember to close the human sized doors after I gather the eggs. One morning next week I'm planning on venturing to the chicken yard at dawn to see exactly what time it opens.

Barn2Door Admin