The Pecking Order

Locking up the chickens tonight I realized I didn't have a new picture for the newsletter this week so I am trying a nighttime picture. This is the roosting wall in Highcackle Coop. You can see Harvey in the bottom left - black and white feathers. The shadow of my cell phone (camera) is in the center and there is additional roosting space in front of the nesting boxes on the right.

Pecking order applies to the roost system just like in the barnyard. The higher you are in the pecking order, the higher you get to roost. The older birds tend to ace out the younger girls for the upper roost. It's safer to be up high and you are less likely to be disturbed in the night if someone decides to get down.

I have seen more and more white eggs in Highcackle and I've been curious just how many of the Leghorns roost here or if some of the birds are commuting from the other coop. You can see four white birds on the top roost. Mystery solved. I picked up six white eggs (from the Leghorns) and one green egg (from the Araucanas) today. There are only four Leghorns and no Araucanas on this roost so I now know that we have some chicken commuters each day who sleep in one coop and lay in the other. I have no idea why they would do this.

Barn2Door Admin