General FAQ

How long have you been farming? Gilcrest Natural Farm started selling to the public in the 2007 growing season although we’ve been backyard gardeners our whole lives.

How did your farm get named?  The farm is named for my husband Gil.

Why do you farm?  The short answer is joy.  The long answer would involve long discussions about food quality, sustainability, job satisfaction and education of the next generation.

Do you farm full-time?  Amy farms full time, Gil works off-farm as well as on the farm.

How do you supply your farm labor?  Our family supplies the majority of the labor.  From time to time we will hire a contractor to help us with things we do not have the equipment or expertise to do ourselves.

What is special about your farm?  It’s peaceful.  I call it the animal spa.  Living in natural surroundings and in collaboration with nature creates a balance we have been striving for, well forever.

What is your long-term vision for your farm?   This is a continually evolving vision.  We close our eyes and picture content, pasture raised animals, bountiful and sustainably raised vegetables and fruits, and we’ve got to get those pecan trees planted.