Sausages, roasts, steaks, patties, short ribs, stew beef, beef liver, ground beef, deli hot dogs.



Whole chickens, leg quarters, thighs, drumsticks, wings, whole breasts, split breasts, chicken livers, chicken hearts, chicken feet.



Farm fresh eggs with a great taste!



We feature seasonal heirloom produce.


Beef Package Deals

Little Moo

This beef package includes ground beef, stew beef, chuck roast, NY strips, sausages. 

Big Moo

This beef package includes ground beef, stew beef, sirloin steaks, chuck roasts, eye of round roast, sausages, NY strips.

Mega Moo

This beef package includes ground beef, beef filets, NY strips, ribeyes, sirloin steaks, Philly steak, flat iron steaks, stir fry strips, chuck roasts, brisket, eye of round roast, sirloin tip roast, stew beef, hamburger patties, sausages.

Six Pack Cow

Split a beef with six families. Each group will get approximately 65-75 pounds of beef - steaks, roasts, ground, stew, short ribs, bones, organ meat, etc. Price is based on hanging weight at $5.50/lb.

Half Beef

No antibiotics or hormones. Animals raised on pasture, finished on pasture. Each receives 2# of grain per day, no over-the-top grain finish. Our meat is tender and tasty! Half will weigh approx. 250-300 lb., hanging weight, $3.50/lb. Able to choose your own cut preferences and keep all bones for broth. Expect additional charges for cut and wrap paid to the butcher at pick up in Concord ($.75 per pound of hanging weight and $37.50 kill fee).

Pre-order now, beef will be available June 2019 - December 2019 (we'll contact you)