How many animals do you raise?  In a season we will raise 2,500 – 3,000 broilers.  We have about 100-150 laying hens of various ages and three well behaved roosters, Harvey, Scooter, and Disco.

Where do you get these animals?  What age are they when you get them?  We get our day old poultry from a hatchery in Pennsylvania.  They arrive at our local post office and the workers are always glad I show up at 6am to get them.  Peep, peep from 500+ chicks can be loud!

How do you raise these animals?  How much access to pasture do these animals get?  We raise our broilers on pasture and our laying hens are free-range.  Each group has five acres of pasture dedicated to them.  When we have heritage broilers, these birds also are allowed to free range.  We find the older, “true” breeds have better instincts that protect them from predators.

What are these animals fed?  What supplements do you use?  Each group is fed chicken feed formulated for their growing stage in addition to their pasture diet of grasses and bugs.  As chicks, a vitamin supplement is used the first week to supplement the nutritional content of their feed.  The layers also receive crushed oyster shell to ensure proper calcium intake.

When are these animals given antibiotics?  Never.

When are hormones, steroids, or growth promoters given to these animals?  Never.

Are the laying hens force molted?  Never.  Molting is a natural process that we do not interfere with or manipulate.

How long do the layers stay in your flock?  Layers are kept three years, however we have a few pet chickens that will be with us as long as they wish.