What practices do you use to control pests, disease and weeds on your farm?  We use organic methods (we are not certified organic) that include trap crops, companion planting, crop rotation, compost and mulch, organic fertilizers, and we remove plenty of weeds and bugs by hand.  (The chickens are happy to help with bug disposal!)

What do you use to rejuvenate soil to keep it healthy and fertile?  In times of drought soil fertility is a special challenge.  We use compost and aged manure along with crop rotation, cover crops, and rest periods.

What are your thoughts about growing organically?  We find growing organically a welcome challenge.  We are stewards of our land and want to preserve its viability for generations to come.  We specialize in heirloom vegetables and search for varieties that are suited to our climate in order to give them the best chance to succeed.  We prefer the taste and nutritional content of organically grown foods and hope our customers do too.